The History of Wincruise

1993 - Wincruise began as an in-house program for one of the first cruise-only agencies focusing on large 'spec' groups.

1994 - Wincruise expanded to include one of the top cruise discounters and a successful cruise-only agency focusing on the senior market.

1995 - Wincruise started selling to other agencies, mainly focusing on members of The Cruise Consortium.

1997 - Wincruise signed an exclusive marketing agreement making Wincruise available only to members of

1998 - The first major upgrade to WinCruise was announced – WinCruise 98. Expanding on the strengths of the system – namely a simple yet powerful group, client and booking management tool, WinCruise 98 added many significant features that were requested by the current users of the product.

1999 - Released Wincruise 2000.

2002 -  Released the most significant new product revision – WinCruise Professional. This new product incorporated a number of new features, focused primarily on enhancements to Customer Relationship and Group Management. Where previously WinCruise was acknowledged to have the best Group Inventory management system in the industry, WinCruise Professional took this even further – putting it clearly head-and-shoulders above any competitive product in the industry today. WinCruise Professional also allows for new live interfaces to be created – live Cruise bookings via Amadeus Cruise, Insurance and others.

2005 - Released Wincruise Online.


2010 - All new servers were upgraded in our datacenter.


2012 - Wincruise celebrated its 20th year.


2015 - Wincruise online celebrates 10 years with 99.98% uptime.


Fall of 2015 - Scheduled release of the all-new Wincruise.